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Billy Joe

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Billy Joe comes to Quirion Realty as Dedicated Sellers Agent specializing in Negotiations, Internet Marketing, and protecting Homeowners’ Best Interests.

In 1990, Billy Joe got his start with a TOP 10 Fortune 500 Company as a salesperson. Within 4 years, he helped expand, train, and recruit a team of sales professionals to the #1 position in the world out of 2,300+ International Sales Offices. Billy Joe’s next adventure came about in 2001 when the Internet exploded. With a computer programming background since he was 16, Billy Joe created websites to rank high within searches throughout all popular search engines and that continues to this day.

In 2011 Billy Joe got his start as a REALTOR® in the FT Knox Kentucky area. With Bill Joe’s experience with building sales teams and internet marketing, he helped build a real estate sales team. In the second year as a REALTOR®, he had quickly taken the team to the #1 Real Estate Sales Team within the Tri-state area of Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana.

Today, Billy Joe is working as a REALTOR® serving Home Sellers in the Clarksville area. Billy Joe is dedicated to helping sellers get the most for their home, while at the same time, helping sellers save time, headaches, and money throughout the selling process.

If you are selling your home within the next month or in 12 months, call Billy Joe “Not Your Average Joe REALTOR®” TODAY to reserve you and your home a spot on Billy Joe’s calendar.

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