Joel Leininger
Joel Leininger

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A native of Michigan, I also lived in Kentucky, and Pennsylvania before settling in Clarksville in 2012. I have been in the real estate business since 2014. I am married and we have a son who keeps me on my toes. I am a follower of Jesus and lover of people. I enjoy reading, the quiet time in the mornings before anyone else wakes up, and those rare moments when a conversation develops into a life transforming moment for everyone involved. You may know the kind, they happen, but can’t be forced. They grow out of vulnerability and humility and life just isn’t the same after.

Recently I have become the local program director for 72Sold, an international company that has found a new way to sell homes in 72 hours often getting thousands more than with the traditional real estate process. We allow people to pick their own move date and can even sell the home without physical showings. I value this, because this program has allowed me to actually do the things that everyone claims to do, “sell your home faster, for more money, with a better experience.” And I can tell you how.

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