Power Your Brokerage

Quirion Realty is a mighty oak in her community. We are now seeking the rare and majestic Eagles of American communities. These leaders are the sharpened pencils of life, they have lived and served humanity in various ways. They are not the brand-new pencils but are the ones sharpened with life’s many experiences.  Their abilities have been tested, their skills honed, and they are wiser from a life well lived. They find themselves entering a new season of life. Now they are ready to lead the charge in the Q Blue Wave of Change that is the #Qmovement by heading up their own Community Oak Branch, a brokerage of Quirion Realty, within their community garden.

Each Community Oak Branch will house approximately 150 licensed REALTORS who each need a great leader, one who leads by example, one who is eager to teach them the importance of knowing and being a part of America’s community gardens. The Eagles we seek have flown above the crows and ravens of politics and they are able to cut through the weeds with swift movement.

If you are one of the Eagles we are searching for and want more information about our expansion vision, complete the form provided. We will be in touch!